This all started in 2018 when I fell in love with the breed because of my first presa, Lincoln.
His unwavering loyalty, bubbly personality, and drive was everything I ever wanted in a dog. Within a year of having Lincoln in my life I decided that I wanted Lincoln’s legacy to never end. I want to share this joy with others.

Fast forward to September of 2020 when Liberty came into our life. We then added Nala in August of 2021 and Gran Torino in January of 2022, and Freya most recently in November of 2022. These dogs are a big part of our family. They are a part of every facet of our lives just as they should be.

We love that this breed of dog is unique to our area. Almost no one else in the state has this type of dog. We frequently get questioned in public about our magnificent dogs and where they all come from.  We have built a beautiful kennel attached to our home in order to ensure that these dogs can have the best life possible.

I looked all across the world to find dogs with strong bloodlines. Our dogs come from different corners of the USA, Canada, and Eastern Europe and they are from champion bloodlines. This eclectic mix of animals has brought lots of joy to our life and we hope to share that with you!

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